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Vote for FitOrbit at #SXSW Tech Cocktail awards

"Make sure you’re “able to deal with the chaos that naturally permeates from a company that generates LOLcats by day, and triggers revolutions by night.”"
- On working at Twitter.

(Source: gaarf.info)

"The 45 Most Innovative Health and Fitness Startups"
- Check it out, FitOrbit makes the list

Emerging technologies and powerful algorithms to help people dramatically improve their lives. Introducing the Quantified Self movement. 

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Adam Hanft on CNN talking about whether Netflix can rebound from its decision to split its streaming and physical disc divisions.

(Source: CNN)

Scosche myTrek sends workout vitals to your iPhone

New London 2012 Olympics logo

New London 2012 Olympics logo

Ian Bogost - Gamification is Bullshit

Gamification is reassuring. It gives Vice Presidents and Brand “Managers comfort: they’re doing everything right, and they can do even better by adding “a games strategy” to their existing products, slathering on “gaminess” like aioli on ciabatta at the consultant’s indulgent sales lunch.”

"The world is getting bigger. Larger waistlines are on the increase."

(Source: BBC)